Terms & Conditions


It is assigned after 14:00 on the day of arrival and must be released by 11:30 on the day of departure.
If you plan to arrive later than 8:00 p.m. or the day after, please inform the reception office indicated directly.


The apartment cannot be occupied by more people than declared at the time of booking, otherwise the management may not assign the apartment booked, or request the balance of the difference on site.
Any preference requests specified at the time of booking (e.g. location of the accommodation) are only recommendations and are never guaranteed (unless confirmed by us).


At the time of booking is required the balance which can be made by credit card. Together with the balance will also be required the payment of any optional costs such as: supplement animals, etc.. In case of refundable rate reservation, there is the possipility of canceling the reservation within 10 days of arrival, in this case, the amount paid will be frozen for a new stay to be enjoyed throughout the calendar year and the date is valid at the beginning of the stay at all the same condition of past reservation (number of days and people). For Reservation cancelled after this deadline, the amount cannot be kept for subsequent stay. In case of advance of the departure date, the amount of the entire booked stay must be paid.


The bed and breakfast formula includes overnight stay and breakfast with service
at the table from 8.00 a.m. to 10.00 a.m. the apartments are equipped with fully equipped kitchen (cooker, extractor hood, refrigerator), private bathroom with shower and hairdryer, color TV, daily tidying up of the room, towels, bed linen, private video supervised parking, use of the swimming pool, wi-fi in common areas, availability of mountain bikes and city-bikes, ping-pong area, play area for children with prefabricated chalet.

RECEPTION TIME: H 8-20 – TEL 0984/579123 – 3358119744 – 3473679896


Free during the winter, in case of heavy snowfall to and from the ski lifts.
For a fee for other destinations.


without a bather’s assistant.


In the interest of all guests, please respect the order and quiet during the hours of rest, from 22:00 to 08:00 and from 14:00 to 16:00.


– Small and medium pets (12-15kg), whose presence must be communicated at the time of booking, must be in good health and in particular with vaccinations. At the simple request of the booking and hotel staff, the owner of the animal is obliged to show the health booklet.
– Animals are not allowed to enter or stay in the areas where food and drinks are administered.
– It is forbidden to access and stop in common areas such as green areas, swimming pool, wherever there are activities of mini-club and / or junior club and / or animation, children’s play areas and areas for children.
– In the other common areas, animals are allowed to transit provided they are always accompanied and must be kept on a leash.
– The owners of the animals are responsible for any damage that may be caused, claims for damages, costs and expenses (including legal ones) for personal injury and/or damage and/or acts of filth that are derived from the animals’ behaviour.
– The customer must be adequately equipped for the welfare of his animal, including transport and travel kennels.
– The owners of the pets agree with the reception department to agree on a time when it is permitted to clean the room, during which the pet must not be present in the room.
– They also undertake to remove any excrement and/or excrement that their pets leave in the areas of the accommodation facility.
– The cost of the pet’s stay is 10.00 EURO per night due to a more thorough cleaning of the room and with appropriate detergents and sanitizers than normal. It is allowed max 1 animal per room.


In case of complaints, suggestions or compliments we are at your disposal. All complaints are only taken into consideration if made during your stay; subsequent complaints will only be considered as useful advice.
The Management reserves the right to withdraw at any time and without notice the contract of stay to those who do not respect the above mentioned indications.