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SoleNeveSila Residence

Welcome to the Residence SoleNeveSila, a welcoming family-run structure where nature blends with the pleasure of a holiday.

You will find yourself at the centre of the Universe pampered by the attention of a staff always ready to satisfy your needs.

The structure is the only one in the area to be equipped with heated swimming pool, relaxing attraction in summer, famous Welcome Parties organized during the autumn festivals and all the summer Karaoke.

Piero and Rosanna: the pioneers of this great adventure and challenge. Jacopo, Chiara and Marianna: the children, the valid back lines that they carry forward, each for their skills and attitudes, their creature. Marta, Alessandro and Ciro support the good management of the structure and then the third generation (young forces are always useful!!!): Walter, Marta “little”, Sofia and Anita for them the road is still long, but they already breathe the sparkling and always new air of SoleNeveSila.

Come on, kids! Work is waiting for you…

The long walks along the paths of the National Park, the majesty of the Giants of Sila, the discovery of small villages like Longobucco, Lorica, Mancuso village, Racise village. The breathtaking roads, a favourite destination for bikers, let you taste the beauty of the plateau.

The hidden places: Acquacalda, the dam of Redisole, the Colonel’s fountain… all these are just the first attractions that will make your holiday in Camigliatello Silano a unique experience.



  • Dream landscape
  • High customer satisfaction
  • Unparalleded service
  • Old world charm, modern comfort
  • Free Wifi
  • Delicious breakfast
  • Pool
  • Wide garden